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Now you can Enjoy All the Beauty of Redlin's Images in a Smaller Canvas Edition
The Master of Memories
The New Encore Canvas Collection

These unsigned canvas transfers have the look and feel
of an Original Oil Painting

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Peaceful Evening by Terry Redlin
"Peaceful Evening"
Image Size: 24"w x 14"h
Evening Surprise by Terry Redlin
"Evening Surprise"
Image Size: 24"w x 14"h
An early winter snow has covered the ground, but melted as it fell into the still open lake. The cabin owners have shoveled their walk and driveway and no longer use the warm weather balcony. The pheasants, unlike their neighbors, require neither path nor amenities to live on the land and meet their elemental needs.
In this dramatic painting, ownership of the corn field is briefly contested between man and the ring-necked pheasants. The farmer means no harm, and on this fall evening wishes only to use the land on a temporary basis. He will soon willingly relinquish the territory to the wildlife and, as payment for the disturbance, offer the harvest leftovers.

The Birch Line by Terry Redlin
The Birch Line"
Image Size: 24"w x 14"h

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After many years of bow hunting, the artist has seen this occur several times. Portrayed is a typical reaction as the young buck, overwhelmed by curiosity, has stopped. The older buck and doe sense the same presence, but are wise enough not to hesitate as they quickly move away toward the birch line and distant brush.

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Spring Fever - Master Canvas Edition by Terry Redlin
"Spring Fever"
By Terry Redlin
Canvas Size: 32"w x 18 1/2"h
Item #1701505489


In this delightful image, we remember a long-ago time when the world was a symphony of youthful shouts, glorious blue skies and secret hideaways in the trees. On such carefree days friends gathered to fish awhile, then climb the high hill to test their homemade kites against the brisk spring breeze. The wagon, last to arrive up from the lake, brings an ample supply of cold pop and other tempting picnic treats. Close observers will note a frayed rope swaying in the wind beneath the tree house. The old tire swing has become a casualty of last winter's storms, but it will soon be replaced. The kites soar high and free, not at the end of new-fangled nylon line, but securely controlled by thick cotton string. The string has broken many times but is easily fixed, the knots' bulky presence visible even at this distance. Master canvas edition of 500 signed and numbered canvases.

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